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December 9, 2008 by skwishface

Well. This is my first venture into for-real blogging. Blogging like a grown-up blogs. Which, I imagine, involves alot more contemplation and alot less linking to videos of guys getting hit in the nads.

I have alot of thoughts in my head, and what better place to store them than on the internet? It’s so cozy and private. Way better than that lavender diary with a lock on it I kept as a kid. I had utter faith in the security of that tiny psuedo-metal lock with its similarly tiny key (kept cleverly hidden in an empty Yipes Stripes gum tin). Somehow, it never occured to me that if someone really wanted to read my diary, they could just cut through the cheap cardboard cover to bypass the lock entirely and plumb the depths of the pastel pink pages within.

Which sounds vaguely dirty. Certainly dirtier than the contents of my diary, which mostly consisted of whining about boys.

Anyway, I’m off to tinker with the settings of this new blog thing. Here’s hoping I don’t break the internet.



Not as grown-up as I thought I was.


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