A Sacred Trust


December 11, 2008 by skwishface

My mother-in-law has bequeathed unto me a very delicate and precious item. Just having it in my possession terrifies me.

Even the manner in which it was presented was full of ritual and reverence. In a hushed tone full of excitement, she asked if I wanted it. When I responded the only possible way, with an equally thrilled affirmative, she stepped to her holiday altar (an 8-foot-tall magnificently fake evergreen tree covered in the tokens of her clan’s memories) and withdrew the object. With great care and a delicate touch in her reverant hands, she carried it to me and laid it on my lap.

It’s a Christmas tree ornament. That my husband made. When he was five years old. It is a construction paper stocking covered in clued-on dry macaroni and painted gold. He even signed his little kindergarten name on the tag.

She has kept this treasure whole and safe for 25 years, moving across thousands of miles and at least 3 countries and two oceans.

And now that it’s hanging on my tree, I just KNOW the cat is going to shit on it.


One thought on “A Sacred Trust

  1. Lori says:

    So – you’re accepting childhood creations now? ‘Cuz I’ve got some cherished artwork too! I’m remembering a clay sculpture of a man’s face with an ant colony busily traveling on and through it.

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