Alternative Energy

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January 6, 2009 by skwishface

I’ve got an idea. It could revolutionize alternative energy source technology as we know it. The equation is so simple, it’s like poetry.

(One pregnant woman + fajita dinner + soda with said dinner) – Tums X bedtime = enough methane emissions to power a small town

Seriously, get a round dozen of these women together. Feed them delicious chicken fajitas that had been marinated in garlic and lime juice, plus enormous quantities of guacamole and fresh salsa. Give them unlimited refills on bubbly soda. Hide the antacids, and put them to bed. Then every time they have to lumber themselves awake and into a full upright sitting position (about every half hour or so) so that their esophagus is in proper alignment to allow belching, strap a mask to their faces and collect the precious fuel. In less than a week, you’ll have solved the world’s energy crisis.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time. If you’re into biofuels.


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