Things I Imagine Against My Will


March 4, 2009 by skwishface

 A couple of other bloggers posted lists of the things they can’t help having pop into their heads, and I was inspired. Here goes!


 – That I will be home alone, playing with my son, glance up, and see a strange man standing in the hallway.

 – Sitting at home alone, feeling eyes watching me, looking up at the night-darkened windows and seeing someone standing just outside.

 – How I would escape from either of the above situations (usually lock myself in The Boy’s bedroom with him and use my cell phone to call the cops – I almost always have my phone in my pocket when I’m at home alone for just this reason).

 – Kissing any man who is not my husband, and how gross it would be.

 – Confrontational conversations that I will never have, with people who effect me indirectly but who I very rarely actually meet in person. I am always very impactful and clever in these scenarios.

 – That I will get home from work to find my house on fire and my pets trapped inside.

 – Waking up to find my husband has died in his sleep next to me.

 – Going to wake my son  up from a nap and finding that he is not breathing.

 – What exactly, in minute detail, I would do with lottery winnings. (I never play the lottery)


2 thoughts on “Things I Imagine Against My Will

  1. Mandacat says:

    I love that you went from the horrific deaths of your husband and child to…the lottery.

  2. kittenz says:

    I, too, have had imaginings like you described. Strange, isn’t it, that they are mostly filled with fear and dread. Or is it? I’ve learned to recognize in myself a pattern of living with a spirit of fear: imagining awful/sad/horrible unreasonable worst-case scenarios that NEVER come to anything. I’ve begun to count blessings when the bad stuff pops into my head and rethink the bad thoughts in a positive way. Wow, does that help my attitude. Result: I am living, more and more, with a spirit of joy and hope. blessings on your day!

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