A Conversation Had Over 4th of July Dinner

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July 6, 2009 by skwishface

Grandmother-in-law: We just figured out that if you click on (random extended family member that I don’t know)’s face, you see his pictures! I guess that’s why it’s called “Facebook”.

Me: My gramma just found me on Facebook the other day. I wasn’t even thinking, just clicked to confirm that we’re friends, and then thought “Oh no … is there anything on my Wall that the pastor’s wife shouldn’t see?”.

Grandmother-in-law: Don’t worry, you’ve got time to clean it up. She’s old. It’ll take her a week just to figure out that she can click on your face to see pictures.

Me: Is this like when only members of a minority can use racial slurs?

Grandmother-in-law: Damn right. I’m old, so I can say she’s old. But if you say it, I get to sue you.


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