I Will Always Love Her

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July 22, 2009 by skwishface

friend: How excited am I that Whitney Houston is coming out with a new album?
friend: SO EXCITED

me: SHE IS???

friend: September 1, baby

me: I didn’t even realize I missed her till just now
me: I wonder if you can hear the crazy on the album, of if they’ll run it through some kind of crazy filter

friend: The crazy filter button is right next to the Auto-Tune button
friend: which they won’t have to use
friend: since she’s WHITNEY EFFING HOUSTON!

me: I can’t WAIT to not be able to sing along with her again 🙂   🙂

friend: But we’ll try our hardest!
friend: in the car
friend: alone

me: windows rolled up

friend: and stop when we pull up next to people in traffic


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