Cooking on the Cheap: Breakfast Tacos

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August 12, 2009 by skwishface

I have a group of great female friends. I call them The Girlz. Not to be confused with The Girl, who is my daughter. The Girlz and I have been friends for years, we all knew each other back when we were young and single and free as the wind. Now we’re still young, but we’re all married with jobs and not so much free. We get together once a week-ish to hang out and gab and watch some show or another. Most recently, it was So You Think You Can Dance? (answer: I don’t. I really don’t. But I like to watch others who can) and the finale was last week. We all missed the finale, but I recorded it, so we all planned to get together at my house for brunch and get our SYTYCD? on.

Brunch means mimosas. Brunch in Texas means breakfast tacos.

I mentioned this plan to The Husband, and his response was “You should totally blog about that”. About what? Breakfast tacos? What’s next? A blog about peanut butter and jelly sammiches? In which I discuss my utter inability to either say or spell the word “sandwich” properly unless I’m putting it in quotes?

Then he reminded me that only in Texas is the breakfast taco, in all its simple mouth-watering glory, commonplace. Around here, we like our food hearty, spicy, and portable. Assuming that there are a few people on the internet who are not from Texas (GASP!), here we go ….

Note: I don’t know how not to make this recipe in bulk. Whenever I cook these up, I’m either feeding a crowd, or making a bunch in advance to freeze and feed us for a week. Adjust the ingredient amounts as necessary.

Breakfast Tacos (prep time: 20-30 minutes, cost: $5-ish, servings: 12-15 tacos)
1 dozen eggs
1 pkg bacon
12-15 flour tortillas (corn tortillas WILL fall apart)
2-3 cups shredded cheese
1/4-1/2 cup milk
salt and pepper to taste

Shown above: roughly double the ingredients listed. Don't hate.

Shown above: roughly double the ingredients listed. Don't hate.

Before we proceed, I’d like to point out the size of my kitchen.

Bright! Happy! Lilliputian!

Bright! Happy! Lilliputian!

Yes, THIS is the space in which to prepare breakfast for a half-dozen adults and two toddlers. Let’s DO THIS THING!

First, the bacon. I’d often heard that the best way to cook up a large quantity of bacon without actually having to pan-fry it and cover your entire kitchen in floating grease is to pop it in the oven. So I tried it.

Couple of cooling racks in the bottom of my only favorite big roasting pan, bacon laid out in neat rows. It went in like this ….

Dear gawd, I loves me some bacon.

Dear gawd, I loves me some bacon.

400 degrees and 20 minutes later, it came out looking like this:

Oh my ... I need a moment ....

Oh my ... I need a moment ....

Okay, so the second picture is actually a different set of bacon than the first. I didn’t get a picture of the first set. I was hungry and there were mimosas flowing freely and I was legit distracted. Also, I forgot.

Moving on! The eggs!

Crack your dozen eggs and drop them in a blender. Add milk (how much depends on your preference, really), salt-n-pepper.

I use this blender alot. Is a good blender.

I use this blender alot. Is a good blender.

Whir away till you have a pitcher full of fluffy eggy goodness. Pour said eggy goodness into your friendly neighborhood Bigass Pan.

Yep. That's a Bigass Pan.

Yep. That's a Bigass Pan.

A word about this pan. It was a wedding gift sent to us from The Husband’s faraway, eccentric, wealthy aunt who is rumored to be a gourmet chef. I have never met this mysterious character, and I must admit that we very much took this gift for granted. At the time, neither of us actually cooked anything. We ordered alot of pizza.

Then I conquered my kitchen, and this pan has been through alot of amateur culinary experimentation madness. It’s held up magnificently. I finally got curious and looked it up online. My Bigass Pan is actually this pan. And oh snap! It’s on sale right now for less than half price! Anyway, turns out it was a helluva gift. Who knew? Thanks mysterious aunt!

Moving on, scramble your eggs. You know, by sorta shoving them around over medium-low-ish heat until they’re all fluffy.

Did I mention the pan is non-stick? LOVE the pan.

Did I mention the pan is non-stick? LOVE the pan.

Then wrap your tortillas a couple of paper towels, microwave them for about 15 seconds, forget to take a picture of this step, and lay out your brunch spread.

Glasses of orange juice may or may not contain bubbly booze.

Glasses of orange juice may or may not contain bubbly booze.

In my kitchen “lay out your spread” translates as “cram all the food into one square foot of counter space and get out of the way”. Note the proper taco building technique demonstrated above: tortilla gently cupped in hand to lend stability to the ingredients, then pile it on. Everyone has their own preferences as far as layer order. The Husband would tell you to always start with the cheese, then add the eggs so that the eggs can melt the cheese and glue the whole taco together. I tell you that my tacos don’t linger on my plate long enough to melt the cheese all the way. I go with a standard eggs-bacon-cheese-salsa layer order, and it makes me happy. Once you’ve got your tacos assembled, just fold in half and eat. And since it’s all wrapped up in a tortilla, you can take it with you pretty much anywheres!

**Note! You are not limited to bacon with your eggs! Any savory breakfast foods are delish when wrapped in a tortilla. Homefries, sausage, ham, chorizo, etc. I’m particularly fond of potato-n-egg breakfast tacos, but only when nobody’s around to see me slather them in ketchup instead of salsa.**

Here’s what my plate looked like:

nom nom nom

And THAT, dear friends, is a Texas brunch.


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