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August 26, 2009 by skwishface

Technology is awesome. I’m using it right now. What never fails to stun me is how swiftly techie stuff can grow and evolve, innovate and dazzle and then immediately become commonplace.

The Husband and I got a digital camera as a wedding present over four years ago. We’d registered for it, so we knew it cost nearly $200. It was a total shoot-for-the-moon thing to put on our registry, but we have some very nice relatives who decided we needed a camera. It had a tiny screen and a tiny brain and three settings – still pictures, video, and viewing the still pictures and video. You could turn the flash on and off manually. And maybe set a timer. That was it. And we were thrilled to have it because OMG DIGITAL CAMERA! It was the wave of the future.

Well, the wave of the future crashed upon the shore of failure a couple of weeks ago (see what I did there?). One minute the camera was working fine, and the next it just died. Shut itself off. It struggled valiantly to revive itself long enough to photograph the four recipes I had in progress and three crochet projects I needed to get posted on my Etsy site. But ultimately, it was a lost cause.

I mourned the loss of this aged, valiant little soldier. Mostly by cursing at it.

Thing is, I’ve never really needed a camera before. I was a casual photographer at best. But now I’ve got two kids, and a weird food blogging habit, and an Etsy shop. I take pictures every single day. Budget concerns be damned, I had to get a new camera.

So I did! And let me be the first to tell you that the Kodak Easy Share MX763 is the bomb. Bomb-diggity. It’s what actual photographers might refer to as a “point and shoot”, and it runs a little over $100. Which is wicked cheap, to my way of thinking, because my way of thinking is stuck in four years ago. I have only just begun to explore it’s many (many, many) various settings, but my favorite so far is it’s close-up capability.


The Boy, modeling one of the hats I sell in my Angry Baby shop on Etsy. See how he’s in sharp, crisp focus and everything behind him is blurry? I’ve never had a camera that does that before! And this one has a specific setting for “objects closer than 28 inches”.

Objects like cupcakes…


And birds …


Squeeee! I could not be more delighted with this! You can see the individual little feathers around her eye, but The Husband and The Boy are blurred out behind her. The old camera would focus on all objects in the frame equally at all times, no exceptions.

Another close-up setting on this wonderful new device is (no lie) “close-ups of flowers in bright light”. Which seems really bizarrely specific to me. Much like another one of its settings “minimizes blur on actions shots of children in bright light”. I won’t bore you with the thousands of pics I’ve taken of my children in motion, just to see if this setting does what it promises (it does).

I will, however, bore you with the flower setting. It really makes it look like I know what I’m doing (hint: I don’t). Compared to previous plant pictures I’ve taken with the old camera….? Wow.


I’ve got alot more settings to get through. More with really situational names like “distant scenery” and “nighttime shots with dim light” and “close-up self-portrait in dim light”.

Personally, I think Myspace paid them to put in that last one.


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