Yarn + Estrogen = time vortex

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November 14, 2009 by skwishface

So I’ve been distinctly non-bloggy lately. No time to spill forth wannabe-witty commentary on the interwebs, no time to cook, let alone anal-retentively photograph each and every little step of the process. But where has my time gone, you may ask? (or not. probably I’m the only one asking. blogging is very much like talking to yourself. the online version of singing in the shower.)

My time has gone here:


Bright! Colorful! Labor-intensive!

 These economic times, they are a-difficult. So it behooves those of us who have even a shred of marketable skill to get out there and market the heck out of it. Thus, the colorful booth above.

My friend Jillan of Beany Bling and I went halvsies on a booth for the Uncommon Women Holiday Show & Sale.  As may have been mentioned in the past, I have an Etsy shop called Angry Baby. Because my baby? She was angry. She’s better now, but the shop remains.

This was my first event, and it was a learning experience. I learned the difference between Browsers and Buyers.

Browsers see this:


Heaps and piles of cuteness!

And say “awwww!” and touch everything and rearrange the entire table and listen to your product schpiel and take up space and (and this is key) don’t buy anything. If you’re lucky, a Browser will take a business card. They will definitely take a handful of the complimentary gourmet Hershey’s kisses you’ve provided. But they will not purchase. Browsers are teases.

Oh! I interrupt myself to talk about my Mom. See that gorgeous snowflake-like white tablecloth that’s under the merchandise? That was hand-crocheted by my mother. Yeah.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


Thousands upon thousands of tiny little stitches. I'm tired just looking at it.

Mom’s got a crochet stamina that I can only dream of someday matching.  She’s also wicked fast. So when I needed help building up inventory for this event, she was my go-to. I outsourced labor. To my mom. It’s a little weird to think about it in those terms, but ultimately she rocked and provided me with piles of ready-made basic hats just begging to be adorned. Thanks, Mom!

But I digress. I’m not entire sure what I digressed from, exactly. I could scroll up and find out, but that’s too much like continuity and I just don’t have the energy for it.

So let’s look at something shiny! Here’s Jillan’s side of the table:


Decorated onesies with (I kid you not) matching tutus.


Kid-sized legwarmers with matching bow-barrettes.

See that little skull on the legwarmers? There’s a reason Beany Bling and Angry Baby can hang at the same table.

Overall, the event was a faboo learning experience. The lady who runs Uncommon Women has a vision, and I wish her all the best with it – she sees small businesses run by women coming together in a community of support and mutual encouragement, leading to greater success for us all. The hard reality is that women who have the chutzpah to start up their own small businesses can also be fiercely competitive and opportunistic. Combine this with the general insanity of the female species, and …. well let’s just say that while overall the event was fun and sweet and supportive, there was the occasional flash of claws.

Like the adorable little grandmotherly type who tsked at my use of skulls in baby fashion, and was later overheard warning her peers to avoid my booth because of it.

Or the lady who told me that my table display looked like a salad.

I took comfort in a respectable amount of sales, and in finding a use for the leftover Cherry Cordial Hershey’s Kisses.


It was the only reasonable thing to do.


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