Window Into Our Future

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November 17, 2009 by skwishface

This morning, it’s the coldest weather we’ve had all year. A stunning 42 degrees. Some places even had “frost”, whatever that is.

The Boy got impatient with the getting-dressed process. There was just so much more that had to be put on! Waitaminute, long sleeves? AND socks? What is this madness?!

He’d worked himself into a mild snit by the time we got downstairs. Only when I pointed out that his new shoes are very cool, with the Spiderman and the lighting-up, did he consent to put them on. Then came time to put on a jacket.

“Jacket? No jacket!”
“You gotta put on a jacket, buddy, it’s cold outside.”
“No! No jacket!”
“Okay. But it’s cold outside, so put on your jacket.” (sometimes simply re-phrasing works)
“… No jacket!” (not this time)
(The Husband steps in and simply puts the jacket on The Boy.)
Jaaaaaaacket! No! JaaaaaaaCKET!”

Attempts are made to remove the jacket, but they’re half-hearted at best. The Boy can see that his parents are uninterested in indulging him, but have all the time in the world for chuckling at his drama. His protests dwindle to disgruntled mutters (“Jacket. No jacket. No.”) as we all move outdoors.

Then that first blast of cold air hits his chubby little cheeks. He flings his arms around himself in a big hug and chirps, “Cold! Cold cold cold! Yay Jacket!”

I see now why my parents eventually got tired of saying “I told you so”. Because it starts early and it goes on for the rest of our lives.


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