The Boo!s Have It


January 11, 2010 by skwishface

Let me tell you about my weekend.

The Husband was sick. He’s gotten much better than he used to be. And we’re pretty good at balancing the load when one or the other of us gets knocked out by some germ. But still. Boo!

Then I got my hair cut at my new favorite salon, Trashy Roots. In and out in 30 minutes, my hair is cute and funky and low-maintenance. Yay!

I attempted to make a honey oat wheat bread. But my yeast was (apparently) half-dead and the dough didn’t rise. Great big useless lump of failure and wasted ingredients. I was so mad at it, I didn’t even take a picture. Boo!

I did, however, take a picture of the cookies I made to comfort myself after my failed bread. Observe:

Cookie Therapy

Then a friend brought over his cats (more on this later) who are acclimating gradually to life in my house. Yay!

By Saturday night, The Husbad was feeling better and I went to bed somewhat content in the knowledge that at least the score was even.

Yay! – 2
Boo! – 2

Then I woke up and discovered that my sinuses had solidified into a mass of ache and throb inside my skull. I had, rather inevitably, contracted The Husband’s germ. Boo!

And I tried a new recipe:

Soup with beans, kale, and ham.

Which gave me mild food poisoning. The ham, I think, was past its prime. Boo!

Unaware of the pending disaster in my belly, I tried yet another new recipe:

Honey-peanut-butter-banana-oat muffins

Which have all the tenderness and fluff of your average hockey puck. The Husband likes them, but I can tell I overmixed the batter.

Two failed recipes, one of which made me spend some quality time worshipping the Porcelain God? Boo! Boo!

But hey, at least the kids haven’t gotten sick. Yet. Knock on wood. Cross fingers. Yay!

At the end of the weekend, the score is distinctly unbalanced.

Yay! – 3
Boo! – 5

I need some Yay!s, stat. Send me the unclothed body of David Boreanaz! Yes, I think that should even things out nicely.


2 thoughts on “The Boo!s Have It

  1. Tracee says:

    Since becoming a mother, I’ve always said that the only thing worse than a sick child is a sick husband. Thankfully, he’s healthy and only gets a bug about once a year.

    I love your website. However, the “healthy lasagna” was just wrong. I like my lasagna full on fat!

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