Love Is In The Air

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February 12, 2010 by skwishface

Me: Mom is coming into town tomorrow morning, and she’s cool to do bedtime with the kiddos so we can go see Percy Jackson.

The Husband: Yay!

Me: Indeed! This means I need to get The Girl’s room cleaned up tonight. Maybe wash some sheets, including ours. If we close the doors to the laundry machines, would that make it quiet enough to hang in the game room?

The Husband: Not really. We could do a wash in the morning which is more than enough time to have it done before tomorrow night

Me: Oh fine. Hopefully I can get the sheets on the bed before she shows up. It’s tacky to make your guest make their own bed!

The Husband: It will be fine

Me: What if I fall over dead from embarrassment, huh? WHAT THEN?!

The Husband: Then I collect the insurance money and pay off the house 🙂

Me: Well played, sir. Well played indeed.


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