Quick & Easy: Applesauce


February 17, 2010 by skwishface

Okay, so here’s the thing. Just because you can make something yourself doesn’t mean you always will. Sure, I could make my own ketchup, it would probably be cheaper or whatever, but c’mon. I’m not laboring under such a financial hardship that I can’t afford the convenience of dropping a couple dollars on a b0ttle of red stuff that’ll last me a month.

Ditto with applesauce. Yes, it’s fast and easy to make. And cheap! But. It’s also fast and easy and cheap to buy it. All that extraneous cost for packaging and gas to and from the store is balanced out by not having to wash any pots or blenders. Brilliant!


Sometimes, circumstances are just right, and you’d be a fool not to make your own. In my case, The Girl was sick and getting dehydrated due to her stubborn (stubbornstubbornstubborn) refusal to consume anything liquid, and I was desperate to get fluids into her tummy, and I had a bunch of little apples that were just turning the corner into inedible bruisedness, and I was home alone with the kids and really didn’t want to make a grocery-store-run with a sick baby and a preschooler, and the moon was in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligned with Mars. So I made applesauce.

Should the stars ever align thusly for you, I hope you’ll do the same.

2 cups apples, peeled and chopped
1 tbsp sugar
2 tsps cinnamon

Whew! I’m tired just LOOKING at that ingredient list.

Firstly, peel the apples. I’ve only recently figured out how to do that mysterious method in which you can get most of the peel off in one long curl, but … yeah, I didn’t photograph it. Suffice it to say, it works, but it feels very risky to your fingertips.

Some apples are more embarassed about being naked than others.

Once peeled, hack your apples up into chunks, removing the core and seeds and such. Smaller chunks will cook faster than larger chunks, so whatever size you pick, try and make sure the chunks are roughly the same size.


A more creative soul than I could probably find a use for all the apple peels and cores and such that are left over. I think it says something about my fundamental character that all I could think of was a prisoner using the stuff to brew up moonshine in his toilet tank.

So I threw the leftover bits away.  Gotta protect those prisoners from themselves.

Anyway, toss the apple chunks into some boiling water.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

They really don’t take long to cook. Apples aren’t known for being super hardy fruits. Depending on the size of your chunks, this could be anywhere from five to ten minutes. Once they’re kinda translucent around the edges and tender enough to easily stab with a fork, drain off the water and dump the apples into a blender.

Then add sugar and cinnamon.

For some reason the lighting started to get really trippy right here. I blame the cinnamon.

Put the blades to it until you get the consistency you want. I intended to feed this to a baby who is learning to chew food and was merrily rejecting anything even remotely resembling liquids, so I left it somewhat chunky.

Yep, that's applesauce alright.

It’s warm, fragrant, soothing, and most imporantly (to me. that day) full of fluids. Which The Girl happily devoured. Hurray! Also, there’s something about homemade applesauce that speaks to preschoolers on a deep, genetic, caveman level. Normally, The Boy couldn’t care less about what I’m cooking unless it’s cupcakes or pizza. But this applesauce got his attention and had him putting on his best Sweet Polite Little Boy face in the hopes I’d give him some. (I did)

There would be a pretty little final-product photo, but … well I was in a hurry, see. The Girl was crawling around in slow motion and wailing like a demented foghorn, and The Boy was rearranging the furniture, and my house was a little hectic right then.

Also, I forgot.

But if you’re ever in an applesauce crisis (all the time, I know!), I hope you’ll remember this simple little recipe and think of me. And then send help.


One thought on “Quick & Easy: Applesauce

  1. Genevieve says:

    This is a much better recipe than doing it the long way, with the hugetacular cone-sieve and baby-clubbing pointed rolling pin. Oh and the standing over stewed apples and a giant canner for five ours grinding the apples through the sieve by hand with your little eight year old arms like some pioneer girl of the damned.

    Oh wait, I forgot. That was a learning experience. Thanks, mom 😛

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