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March 5, 2010 by skwishface

Look. I’m not a girly girl. My default uniform is jeans and a black t-shirt. My hair is short and funky so I can look cute without trying. I covet novelty socks. I most certainly do not blog about my quest to find a new purse.


I have a certain amount of lapsed-gothgirl/headbanger pride, and it suffers badly when I have to haul around a Winnie the Pooh diaper bag. I’ve got two kids. Both in diapers. I have alot of crap to lug around when I go anywhere with them.

So I set out in search of a way to play sherpa to my tiny benevolent dictators, but still look like a badass. I needed something lightweight, that I could sling over my shoulder, that would stand up to alot of punishment, and be machine washable. I found it at Moka Designs.

It’s an Etsy shop, ya see. Now, I loves me some Etsy. I’ve got my own shop on there – it’s a great place for folks who hand-craft stuff to sell said stuff. But some artisans just slap together some fabric and call it a bag and sell it for $5, while others charge ridiculous prices for meh work.

Not so with Moka Designs! There I found reasonably priced bags, thoughtfully and carefully constructed, with a strong eye towards artistic and unique design. The hard part, honestly, and I’m not trying to be cheesy here, was picking which bag I wanted.

I went with this here tote:

Nosy damn cats not included with purchase.

Let’s take a closer look at the (utterly irresistible) dragon on the front.

Embroidered! No cheapy iron-on patch, here.

Neatly stitched around the edges, subtle polka-dot fabric, general badassedness in the dragon design. It goes nicely with the cool Asian dragon pattern to the main fabric of the bag.

In fact, there are a few subtle details about this bag that were clearly inspired by the dragon fabric.

Removable sturdy bottom panel - so the bag can be washed - and swirly-patterned straps.

 And if we can get the cats to go away, we can safely take a look at the inside, which has a cool scale pattern on the lining and –

Seriously?! UGH!

 – it holds a buttload of life’s little necessities. Like ….

Laptop, four diapers, baby wipes, camera case, keys, wallet, day planner, kleenex, hand sanitizer, prescription bottle, lotion, tampon, Sharpie, inhaler, cel phone, sunglasses, iPod, hairbrush, kitchen sink, partridge in a pear tree.

… with room to spare. There are four interior pockets and, I shit you not:

Four pockets on the back!

Perfect for sippy cups, bottles, rocks that The Boy insists on keeping, etc.

Note the double-seam along the top. The whole bag is put together with that kind of attention to sturdiness. Padded, lined, carefully stitched, with not a single seam or thread out of place.

Oh, and check this out.

Magnetic snap to hold it closed, baby.

Aw yeah.

Moka Designs is run by a lady whose profile says she’s hair stylist turned stay-at-home mom in Santa Clarita, California. Which is really my favorite part about shopping with Etsy – you’re buying a unique, functional piece of art that’s been handcrafted by a real live person. How cool is that?

The prices are  more than reasonable in this shop (my tote was all of $38). When you check out and note the shipping cost, you may gasp, but it’s actually more than fair considering she ships it out priority mail, taking extra care to not only ensure that your address for delivery is correct, but to also provide a tracking number for your package.

As an Etsian myself, I must say – that’s going above and beyond the call for a private artisan to ship your purchase.

Etsy is often a mixed bag of talents and professionalism. Moka Designs features both. In spades.

Now I’m off to trot about town with my sexy new bag.


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