Would ya believe “the dog ate it”?

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March 22, 2010 by skwishface

How about “I lost it”?

Or “the check is in the mail”?

Or maybe “my world became covered in frosting and static electricity and yarn”?

I have alot of excuses for why I haven’t updated my blog in ages. That last one happens to be true.

When you have two young kids whose birthdays are ten days apart, you combine their parties. Well, maybe you don’t, but I do. Turns out, when you combine two kids’ parties into one event, it’s like planning for two parties that are happening on the same day. Doesn’t that sound like fun?! (I’m so tired)

And when you have an Etsy shop, sometimes the orders come in faster than you can crochet them. So fast that you have to temporarily shut your shop down and stay up past midnight every night with your fingers wrapped in yarn just to get caught up. (please let me sleep)

I have no photos of the yarn flying through my fingers, because that’s just how fast it went. For something so inanimate and cottony, yarn sure is speedy.

What I do have are these:

The Boy's cupcakes. He's into pirates. Really really into pirates.

The leader of the pirate cupcakes is sad. A life of crime on the high seas will do that.

Yes, I decorated those cupcakes my own li’l self. Mom totally helped get the white frosting on nice and smooth. And though I enjoy the from-scratch baking, sometimes you just need a box of confetti cupcake mix and a few cans of pre-made sugary creamy frosting. And a hug. (and a nap)

It also really helps to keep things in perspective  if you have your other kid’s First Birthday cake made by a professional. Brigitte is magnificent. She made our wedding cake, and The Boy’s first birthday cake, and her creations have been not only lovely but also duh-lish-us. Now it’s The Girl’s turn.

Gorgeous! See why I showed you the cupcakes first? This is humbling.

So is this. Please don't scroll up and look upon the homely pirates again.

Clearly we hated it. Every bite we wolfed down was torture. (untrue)

The Girl was so mad at her smash-cake that she ... smashed it.

Fueled by sugar, my kids and every other wee tyke present bounced around in the inflatable behemoth of fun that now lives in my front room.

The Boy so hopped up on sugar that he vibrates. Mom of the Year!

And there it shall remain forever and ever, until it crumbles to dust. Why?

Because what it does to my kid's hair is hilarious.

And momma needs a good laugh every now and then. Plus an extra 12 hours in each day. In which she’s allowed to sleep.


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