No Excuse, But 3 Faboo Recipes

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June 20, 2010 by Stef

So it’s been months-ish since last I posted. Life has devoured me. Can I blame my kids? Would that make me a bad person? It would? Crap.

Fine, I blame my job.

Too busy to blog does not mean too busy to cook. Far from it!  I’ve found a few marvelous recipes on this here interwebs, and though I don’t have the energy, the brainspace, or the fortitude to keep up my little hobby of anal-retentively photographing every single step of the cooking process, I could not let these recipes pass through my life without comment.

They make me happy. In my soul. Happy soul.

And so I share them with you! May they en-happy your soul, too!

Pioneer Woman’s marinated flank steak. It’s a two-parter.

P-Dubs uses ginger. I had none. But I had fresh oregano!

And it turned into something fanTASTIC. Trust.

Also from the Pioneer Woman, homemade strawberry jam. That’s right. I’m so effing hardcore now. Canned and preserved my own fresh-made strawberry jam. Folks will be fightin’ over me, come the zombie apocalypse.

About $5 worth of ingredients, jars and jars and jars of ruby red deliciousness.

RUBY red. Not even kidding around. Also, I may never buy jam again.

Please, if you love bread, try EricaLea’s No-Fuss Focaccia. It’s a gamechanger. No lie. This has become my standard go-to dinner bread

EricaLea’s recipe is very Italian in flavor, which is tasty fine-dandy. But! The recipe is awfully versatile. I’ve made the original, and used it to shamelessly wipe pasta bowls clean of any last trace of sauce. And I’ve also made a couple other versions…

Texas Focaccia: being riddled throughout with jalapenos and cheddar.

Focaccia Muffins: being muffinized bits, studded with cubes of cheddar-jack cheese.

Enjoy! I sho nuff did, and will again.


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