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July 28, 2010 by Stef

It’s been ages since I’ve kept up with this blog thing. I wish I had a good excuse – like maybe I’m busy or something – but I keep encountering startling evidence to the contrary. Observe this chat:

ME: wth, my body?
FRIEND: I already ate my cheezits.  Yer outta luck
ME: well shit
ME: you don’t just have a block of cheese lying around?
ME: carve me off a chunk?
FRIEND: um, no
ME: well then what good are you?
FRIEND: lots!
ME: *doubt*
FRIEND: *pout*
ME: *tout*
FRIEND: *scout*
ME: *flout*
FRIEND: *dash about*
FRIEND: (cheating!)
ME: disqualified!
ME: flag on the play!
FRIEND:  c’mon ref!
ME: *you’re out!*
FRIEND: *spout*
ME: ew

Yep. Whole minutes in the middle of my work day. Right there. I win at productivity.


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