Always Bringing The Classy

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August 18, 2010 by Stef

ME: oh my god, Becky


ME: I need to start calling more people Rump-a-smooth-skin

FRIEND: Speaking of butts, I watched a documentary last night.

FRIEND: Directed by Method Man from Wu Tang Clan.

FRIEND: They went to 5 different cities and went to strip clubs.

FRIEND: Oh, and they interviewed some girls too.

FRIEND: But mostly it was boobie footage.

ME: what was the point of this documentary?

ME: other than boobs

FRIEND: I’m….not sure.

FRIEND: At the very end, Method Man got all serious and talked for about 45 seconds about how these women are just doing their job, performing a service, showing up on time and clocking hours just like the rest of us. So we shouldn’t judge.

FRIEND: And then there was a butt montage.

FRIEND: I can’t say I was surprised.

ME: hahahahaha

FRIEND: I’m not even sure why we watched it! We were scrolling thru Hulu, and I just wanted to see the first 5 minutes to see what a train wreck it would be.

FRIEND: We ended up watching the whole thing! An hour’s worth of boobs!

ME: aw, thanks Hulu!

ME: just what you always wanted


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