Blog Flashback: 76 Damn Trombones!

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November 8, 2011 by Stef

Let’s take a peek at June 28, 2007, shall we? We shall!

The kid has slept through the night! Twice! Two nights in a row! Asleep from 9:30pm-5:30am. OMG the bliss of it all! I want to order a parade all about sleep! There could be floats made to look like giant mattresses and comfy recliners and fluffy pillows and HOURS OF UTTER RESTFUL OBLIVION.

It may seem like I’m over-reacting. I mean hell, it’s just sleep right? Look at the new mom being all drama like “look at me, I’m sleep deprived, I’m fulfilling a stereotype about newborn baby sleep patterns, blah blah blah”. And if I hadn’t just survived the last three months of my life on catnaps and Red Bull, I would agree.

Anyway, I’m all rested an’ shit now. I have all this energy now, and it’s like the simple act of getting 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep for the first time in three months has brought the world around me into sharper focus. The sun is brighter, the rain more poetic, the breeze sweeter, the food more savoury, the house more … filthy, actually. I was shaving my legs this morning when the mold in my shower tile grout spontaneously formed a new life that sauntered out of the bathroom and was all “Damn girl, you got some dustbunnies”. So this weekend, we clean.

Thank you sleep! You awoke me to the squallor of my home!

Honestly, not much has changed. I don’t sleep much, and the less said about my shower tile grout, the better. But hey, I don’t drink RedBull anymore! Progress!

(this all has very little to do with The Music Man. Apparently my freshly sleep-un-deprived self felt a triumph similar to leading a parade? who knows)


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